Fashion Blurb [Curran J. Swint of K.R.T. Interview]

Fashion Blurb [Curran J. Swint of K.R.T. Interview]

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I recently got the chance to briefly chat with the founder of K.R.T (Kings Rule Together) Curran J. Swint. This young man definitely has a positive message and very thought provoking brand of clothing that follows.

EARSTYLE: Where were you born and raised? 

Curran J. Swint: Philadelphia, Pa.

EARSTYLE: What does your clothing brand represent?

Curran J. Swint: Living & having that King/Queen lifestyle & mindset.

EARSTYLE: What does “KING” mean to you?

Curran J. Swint: A King is a gentleman who is highly respected in some fields, carries himself with
the utmost dignity and holds a preeminent position among competitors.

EARSTYLE: Who influences you?

Curran J. Swint: My mother, my father and Taji Nahl of House of Ra’oof.

EARSTYLE: How old were you when you started the brand?

Curran J. Swint: I was 23 when I started my blog K.R.T., but I was 24 when I started the clothing line which is based around that.

EARSTYLE: Was it hard getting started and was the amount of footwork you had to put
in a lot to handle?

Currant J. Swint: It wasn’t hard getting started because I already established myself as a fashion forward male and a lot of people recognized me for that at a early age and respected my style. Starting my blog as well as my clothing line was just bound to happen.

EARSTYLE: When/How did you decide that you wanted to pursue fashion?

Curran J. Swint: I was always into to fashion growing up. Both my father and my grandfather have been known for being trendsetters so it’s really in my bloodline.

EARSTYLE: What big things do you have in store for 2012?

Curran J. Swint: 2012 is pretty random. I have many things I would like to do, but one of them are set in stone quite yet so just be on the look out.

EARSTYLE: If you had a chance to design a piece with a fashion heavy weight who would it be and why?

Curran J. Swint: I would say Paul Smith. He is my favorite designer and I like his work and the way his clothes fit.

EARSTYLE: When designing what music/artists keeps you in the zone?

Curran J. Swint: I really be in my own zone. I don’t even listen to music like that anymore or watch T.V..Keeps the energy natural and it prevents me from getting it from others.

EARSTYLE: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Curran J. Swint: Biggest is hard for me, but my most recent accomplishment meant a lot to me. Terrance J of B.E.T. 106 & Park wore my “Kings Inspire Kings” sweatshirt and then two weeks later he wore my Limited Edition “KING” Hoody. It’s very rare to see a shirt with a logo on T.V. and for me to be a artist from Philly and getting love on a N.Y. based show that is viewed by millions was love.

EARSTYLE: Anything else you want to tell us that we don’t know or you think we should know about K.R.T.?

Curran J. Swints: Well I have a lot in store for the brand so just stay tuned.

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