L.A. Times Talks “Happy”, New Album, and N*E*RD With Pharrell

L.A. Times Talks “Happy”, New Album, and N*E*RD With Pharrell

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Earlier today Pharrell did a live chat interview with the LA Times. In the interview he talked about the inspiration behind “Happy”, his upcoming Academy Awards performance of the song, his highly anticipated upcoming album, what’s going on with his band N*E*R*D, and so much more.

On N*E*R*D:

N*E*R*D, we’re working on this animation project. I can’t say too much more about that, but I’m super excited and I’m N*E*R*D for life. N*E*R*D is who we were in high school. It’s always going to be that way. Since I was 16, 17, 18 it was just like who we are. We are still goof balls, nerdy like, in a different kind of way. We feel very comfortable in thinking. We think being smart is cool. That’s just what resonates with us.

On His Upcoming Album:

The criteria was that I wanted it to feel festive and celebratory. I also wanted it to feel visceral and urgent. No songs would make it on the record if it didn’t feel that way or accomplish that. It’s the closest I ever got to that in my life. The purpose which I will talk about at another time feels like some of my most important work that I’ve ever done. I’m honored to be in this place of feelingness.


If you have some time to kill check out the video interview below to hear even more from Pharrell. Gosh this man is so inspiring.

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