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EARSTYLE.NET caught up with C.E.O. of Blue Star, Diamond Blue also known as Baby Blue from Pretty Ricky. We talked the new single, Spectacular’s video that caused a stir, Pleasure P, and Pretty Ricky’s upcoming album. Check it out!

First of all, I wanna get into the new single, “Tipsy”. What do you want to say about this single?

First off, the single is named “Tipsy in the Club”, and it’s produced by my production company, Music Royale Productions, written by my production company, Music Royale Productions. In other words, Pretty Ricky is about the sex, sex is all about Pretty Ricky. The women love Pretty Ricky and Pretty Ricky loves the women. That is why we get tipsy in the club. We redefined the word tipsy. So if we get tipsy in the club, we get p***y in the club. That means she gets d**k in the club.

What are your thoughts on the Spectacular video and all the buzz it generated for the single?

I love the entire amount of publicity generated from the video. I feel like our record label president respects us. And I have to thank Spectacular for making that video. It saved us millions of dollars in marketing fees and publicity marketing/promotions. I wish all of my artists would do that.

You are the President of Bluestar , right? 


So how does it feel to be young and in charge?

You know what? I just like the fact that I can give the opportunity to other young black entertainers to be billionaires because I’m all about helping one another. You know what I’m saying? By, the way, I’m sill half asleep, but I still answered your phone call because I’m a man of my word and I said was gonna do an interview with you.

It’s cool, It’s cool. So who are some of the other artists on Bluestar?

We have Year-Round, Hound, Meat and Bones, and Pretty Ricky.

Pleasure P is doing his own thing now. When he left, how did it affect Pretty Ricky and the future of Pretty Ricky?

Well initially, when he was no longer in the group, he was still signed Bluestar. So I still feel good because Pretty Ricky was still a well-known group, and both Pretty Ricky and Pleasure generate a revenue stream. Just 2 or 3 days before his album was released, I let him out of his contract. So, there you go.

Do you guys still maintain a good relationship?

You know what, it is what it is, It’s a business relationship. He’s no longer under Bluestar. So, there’s no other relations. So watch for the new Pretty Ricky album, “Pretty Ricky”, produced by Music Royale Productions. And also watch for our single, “Tipsy in the Club”. You know, his album sold 38,000 copies.

I heard.

Pretty Ricky’s last album was the number one album for 5 consecutive weeks,. You know, three top ten singles. So I think I made the right call by keeping Pretty Ricky and letting him go.

What happened to Pretty Ricky’s “Eighties Babies” album? I heard it was crazy.

The album was leaked to the internet. So you know, it changed the idea of putting an album out. That’s the music industry. So they’re back in the studio.

So when is the new album due?

Towards the end of the summer. It takes a fair amount of airplay to have the album do well. 

What else are you doing other than music? 

We have the clothing line, Pretty Clothing, which is still in the creative stages. We just want to make sure it’s right before we put it out. We have a Pretty Ricky radio show at 10 PM Eastern Time on Chill. FM, as well as other endeavors.

It’s the summertime. Where do you like to go during the summertime?

Currently, we are on the road promoting the new single. So I don’t think I’ll have time to do any vacationing. One thing about being an international act is that we travel all around the world. Not only the United States. We try to have fun everywhere we go. We try to fuck as many women as we can in every city. That is why I feel like I have to fuck every girl in the world.

So, are you feeling that record right now?

I mean, it’s our life. It’s not fabricated. On the album, you get true stories, and the truth from every member of the group. We were able to sustain ourselves through the ups and downs. We are real. Pretty Ricky has substance.

What would you say is the highlight in Pretty Ricky’s career so far?

I think once more is accomplished, we will have a highlight. Right now, we’re just setting up a foundation to be great. Everything I’ve mentioned before, yeah. But this is just the beginning.

Do you have a message for your fans?

I just wanna say we appreciate your love and support. First and foremost, this is Diamond Blue. I just wanna say thank you. You can hit us up on Twitter at twitter.com/Realprettyricky. Spectacular’s page is twitter.com/IamSpectacular, my page is Diamond BlueMyspace.com/Prettyricky. Hit us up on the hotline. 786-258-6074. Spectacular has his own jewelry line, Spectacularice.com. Get the album, put that motherfucker in and press play and get the shit fucked out of you by your man or woman. Regardless, we are the only people making that real sexual sensual sexy music of our era. There’s gonna be more Pretty Ricky to come. Make sure you have protection when you’re having sex. Don’t go making these babies.

Thanks for the interview. 

Alright, keep me on the front page with that hot shit. I appreciate it my nigga. Peace!

Alright, Bye.

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