Meek Mill Reports from the “Otherside of America”


“What do you have to lose?

“Meek opens his new track “Otherside of America” with a clip from Donald Trump. Meek lets it be known that we have a lot to lose as he reports from the other side. We, Black People, we have a lot to lose.

Fresh off of speaking out on Reform, Meek releases the fiery upbeat protest record. The reflective track closes with a clip of Meek Mill speaking to CNN’s Michael Smercornish.

I always dreamed of being like on CNN and being able to like express myself
And speak for the voice of young men of America
The first step, I would say, I grew up in American in a ruthless neighbourhood where we were not protected by police
We grew up in a ruthless environment, we grew up around murder
You see murder, you see 7 people die in a week, I think you would carry a gun yourself
Would you?
Erm, yeah, I probably would



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