Bangladesh’s Muffy Gets Real

Muffy – “Dope Boy” (prod. by Bangladesh)

We heard the “Dope Boi” record. Crazy dope track! We love the song. Bangladesh produced it right?

Yes, Bangladesh banged it out. (laughs)

Who came up with the concept?

He actually came up with the concept. When I came to him he already had the hook, I just wrote the verses and the bridge. I just went along with what I thought he was talking about and how I was feeling in general. The song is really about being in love with the dope beat. He got that bass. It’s kind of about Bangladesh, it’s a song that girls can sing to him, but for me. I just had to put my two cents in. Of course I used the drug
metaphors, but for me I am talking about a boy whos so fly, so dope, so fresh…not selling drugs or anything like that. He’s just so crack that he can be a nerd, but I am so attracted to him so that’s my “Dope Boi”.

How did you hook up with Bangladesh?

I met him through my manager, his name is Coach K. He was bringing me to all the producers around Atlanta. When I first met him he gave me that record (“Dope Boi”). It was kind of like a meeting. We didn’t really work together for like a year after that. So I asked my manager could I get with a producer. I kind of wanted to get with an up & coming producer that nobody knows , but from that first meeting I had Bangladesh’s number in my phone. So I was like man I just want to ask who I really want. I was like all I could do ask and he could say no, but he said yeah. I was excited and it worked out, so that’s how we got together.

Is Muffy your real name?

Oh yeah! Muffy that’s my middle name. My initials are A.M.G. Yeah my mom named me that, because I had fat cheeks when I was born. I guess she’s just a little funky lady. She use to sing with George Clinton and those guys so I guess she was just funky and wanted to name me Muffy, because she felt like that was the bomb. All through my life people just referred to me as Muffy all the time. It just never grew out.

You rap and you sing, which do you prefer? Which would you like to focus on more on your album?

The R&B singing type…I am not really with it. I enjoy listening to others do it, but I really don’t have the voice for that. I can do stuff like that, but I love to sing. It’s so fun, but I am kind of like Kanye West when it comes to that. You can expect something on the Aternative Hip-Hop side. Kind of how Drake is doing right now. All of the rappers are singing now. I think music is coming to the point where you just have to make music and not categorize yourself. Just do everything you can do. Since I can sing a little bit and rap, you can expect all of that!

You said that your mom worked with George Clinton. Has he played a major influence on your career? 

George Clinton himself is a big influence on me. When I was young I was a baby and he was always around. He would have those different colored braids and all, so I would be like “I want those mommy”, but she would be like “No!” So when I grew up I got colorful colors in my hair and I am a very colorful person so I think he inspired me definitely. Bjork inspired me. The Iceland chick. Kanye West of course inspired me. Erykah Badu and myself have the same exact birthday so she inspires me in so many ways. So does her music and her style. She’s dope! Lauryn Hill…Michael Jackson he’s cool. I mainly listen to Bjork, Wu Tang Clan, and Erykah Badu.

Do you have a specific style that you go for? 

I am a Pieces so I am real…I think they call it Mutable, where you like mutate a lot. Letting that be said, I definitely don’t have a particular style. My most comftorable style is being Hoboish. I like wearing a T-Shirt and ripped up jeans and my Uggs. The same Uggs until they get super dirty. Of course when I have to take pictures and all of that I just go in my closet and throw on whatever. It doesn’t have to match or whatever,
I just rock it! I think like right now as far as money…I don’t have the money to wear what I probably would. I just throw on whatever I got and just rock it. That’s some real shit. Oops I didn’t mean to cuss. (laughs)

It’s cool!

That’s sort of where my style is from. (laughs)

So where are you from? 

I was born in Detroit, Michigan and then I moved to Newark, Jersey. So I was from the hoods of America.

Are you working on an album?

We are working on an album, but we are not working on one with an expectation date as of yet. We are just working on some songs in general that will probably become a lot of albums. We are working on one of these major labels that could really push me. I am trying to get signed, get this check, get the exposure, and then give back to the world.

While we are on the topic of labels, how do you feel about these 360 deals?

I feel like the labels have to get their label. They have to be smart. There’s a lot of new forms of media that have popped up since the music industry became popular. I think naturally they are like they have to get some of that. They are hustlers. They are the biggest hustlers in the game. As far as if I feel as if it’s right or not? I don’t know, because my perspective of living in the world in this universe I don’t believe in right or wrong so much. It just is what it is. I just hope that the universe brings me a deal that’s going to be good for me.

It’s seems that the latest trend is that labels want their artists to expand. You see artists going into acting and modeling. Have you thought about stepping foot in different markets or are you strictly music?

No, I want to do everything! One of my goals is to hit the runway. I want to be in a Betsy Johnson show. I am a little thick in the legs, but at least I’ll be an artist I can get up in there. I definitely want to act. I went to a school for theater so I want to get up on the big screens and bug out. I’ll be on Sesame Street, because I really like kids. Eventually I want to teach.

Really? Like teaching academically or artistically? 

Academically, but Alternative education. It will probably be something I do when I get older. I feel as though teachers should be fun. I know I will still be fun. I am still going to rock my hair pink and all. No disrespect to teachers, but the majority of teachers are so lame! It’s so uninspiring. I didn’t really do good coming up in school. I remember this one time I thought I was going to get in trouble. My mom went to the school and the teacher had on this V-neck shirt and had like hair on her chest. She had like a full head of hair on her chest. My mom came up to the school, because I wasn’t doing good. She was mean and she wasn’t fun…I was probably talking about her chest hair and all. To make a long story short, my mom came up to the school and was like “If you shaved that chest hair off your chest maybe she could do better in school”. (laughs) Kids need real people to inspire. They don’t have to be perfect people with a picket fence and all corny in a suit. There needs to be colorful people. I want to be one of them.

Who are you currently listening to?

I’m such a lame when it comes to this kind of stuff. I was listening to Drake Cd last night when I was with my friend. When I am at home I listen to Bjork, Wu Tang Clan, and Erykah Badu. I get crunk off of Soulja Boy and all of that ATL stuff. People probably think it’s wack, but I like that kind of stuff. I can listen to the same song on repeat all day if that’s the mood I am in. I be bugging out, when I am home I usually watch cartoons. I am kind of lame at stuff like this.

Whats your favorite cartoons?

“Boondocks” and “Powerpuff Girls”. “Spongebob” too I am not even going to lie. I’ve been missing it lately, but I do have the DVDs for “Powerpuff Girls”.

You need to watch Chowder that’s Spongebob’s competition.

Oh yeah! Chowder’s crazy.

Do you think you have any competition?

No. I feel like my lane is wide open. I don’t think no chick is out there…I mean if Kelis came back even though we are still different she’s there. However, she has her own fans and all, but I think we are mad different.

Are you currently touring?

In Atlanta, I have a show at this place called The Eye Drum on MLK Boulevard. It’s a show called The Freak Show. As far as for my own material. I need people to start booking me more. Bangladesh and I are working on a show that we are doing together so when that comes together hopefully everthing will fall in line.

So what’s next for Muffy?

Well definitely follow me on Youtube and Twitter. They are both MuffMommy. The myspace is I am working on a reality with some body, but it’s not for the major networks yet, but we are definitely trying to pitch it. We should also put out a mixtape by the end of the summer. Also there’s the release party that you all are invited to!

Oh fasho! We will definitely be there.

The mixtape should be out September or late August.

Bangladesh is gonna lace it right?

Most of it probably will be. However, we were talking about getting some old of my favorite old tracks and doing my thing over them. Bangladesh will definitely be on there though. He is all over everything!

That’s dope! Do you have any other producers you are looking forward to working with? 

I wouldn’t mind working with Kanye West. He is so dope. I wouldn’t mind working with Riza. Those two right there. Ridiculous! I’m not gonna lie Timbaland would be kind of dope to work with. Those three right there. I would say Pharrell, but I don’t wanna be sounding too much like Kelis. I really love his productions. Big ups to him for sure! I do have this one producer his name is Diplo. He’s the one who brought M.I.A. out! We said we were going to get in. He did do this one track, but we weren’t in the booth together so we still gotta do that.

Oh yeah Diplo. He does that whole Club sound.

Yeah. I really love that whole Club sound. That Mid-West dance stuff too.

What about Go-Go?

I love Go-Go music. My last boyfriend was in a Go-Go band. Go-Go is D.C., but his band was based out of Atlanta.  I was dating him for like three years. I use to be in D.C. like all the time. I have mad love for D.C. I would raise my kids there, well maybe Maryland. Well maybe in D.C., but in the part where they have the big houses, because I like inner city living too. I definitely mess with Go-Go and D.C.

We want to say thanks for Calling in. This was an interesting conversation. Very dope! Thank you so much!

Cool. Thank you! Bye.

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